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What is Meditation?

Meditation in a state where you stop thinking!

In that state, you feel the peace and the joy within. By meditating regularly every day, you get a little bit closer to the beauty that we all have inside and a little bit further from fears, stress, depression or all the weaknesses we don’t like in ourselves. Meditation in fact is a powerful tool that we forgot about in this modern life, especially in the west, but it is a fundamental tool that we need to get back to, if we want a meaningful and joyful life.

This state of meditation, of thoughtless awareness is possible thanks to an energy called the Kundalini located at the base of our spine in our sacrum bone. It’s a loving energy looking after every aspec of our being. This energy is the expression of our pure desire to improve, to evolve, to be one with the all pervading power around us.

Meditation in PNG

We currently don’t have classes operating in PNG but we do offer many online resources to help you with your meditation.

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Online meditation

You can try the meditation in our video and audio meditation areas…